Do I Have to Use Latisse Forever?

Written by Adrian Blackwell, MD

What will happen to my eyelashes if I stop using Latisse?

Do I have to use Latisse everyday? When can I stop using Latisse?

Latisse is a medicine that can improve eyelash growth resulting in darker and thicker eyelashes. It works on the growth cycles of the hairs coming from the eyelids. Typically there is an effect within the first 12 to16 weeks where those using this medicine will start to notice their eyelashes are thicker and darker. Everyday that this medicine is applied it improves the growth of the eyelashes.

The effects are temporary though. When this medicine is not used there is nothing left to improve the growth of the eyelashes. At this point, the eyelashes will start to return to the state that they were before using the medicine. For continued long term effects and growth, this medicine has to be used over the long term. As long as the effects of thicker and darker lashes are desired, then the medicine must be continued.

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