They’re Into You, But Are They Into Your Birth Control?

Written by HeyDoctor Medical Team on February 28th, 2020

How to engage your partner(s) in your method.

You love your birth control. (We hope.) You love the person you’re sleeping with. (Or you like them enough to knock boots.) How about connecting those two things to make your sex life even better?

Go For Peace of Mind

Are either of you worried about accidentally getting pregnant? Using less reliable methods can be distracting before, during, and after sex. Ask your partner if he or she would be into a more effective method. The goal is to clear your minds of unplanned pregnancy fears so you can focus on all the anxiety-free, super hot sex you’ll be having. Check out this complete list of the most effective methods.

Go For The “O”

Does your birth control allow you to be spontaneous, sensual, and wild in bed or does it get in the way? Some methods require you to wait before they kick in— like spermicide —which can cool things down in the heat of the moment. And some people feel that certain methods— like male condoms —can dull sensation or hinder intimacy. Ask your partner if he or she finds your current method satisfying in bed. You could have a lot of fun together finding a new method that butters your biscuit.

Go For Health and Wellness

Do you and your partner take precautions to prevent STIs and pregnancy? Sexually transmitted infections are no joke, so ask your partner if he or she is willing to get tested. (And consider confirming it through If you two are absolutely not sleeping with anyone else and plan on staying monogamous, once you know your health status is all clear, you can explore any method on your quest for the best one. Otherwise, make sure your method also includes STI-prevention. That might mean doubling up — as in using a condom and the patch — to avoid STIs and pregnancy scares.

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