What are retinoids?

Written by Lindsey Mcilvena

You may have heard about these powerful compounds.

The retinoids are a group of compounds closely related to vitamin A. They are present naturally in foods like carrots and sweet potatoes. They have significant effects on skin and offer powerful treatment for acne. They are also used for things like reducing wrinkles as well as in the treatment of some skin cancers.

There are some retinoids that are used topically and others that you take orally, each of which have different risks and uses. HeyDoctor only prescribes topical retinoids; however, you can discuss whether you might need  oral retinoids like Accutane (iso-tretinoin) with your HeyDoctor medical team or your in-person doctor.

Retinoids can be somewhat irritating to the skin, increase sun sensitivity, and cause some other side effects, so make sure to read all the information provided in the manufacturer's pamphlet about them. And consistency is key. They take several months to be at full effect, but once they are, they can improve acne dramatically.

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