Getting started quitting smoking using Chantix

Written by Lindsey Mcilvena

How to use Chantix to help you quit smoking

The nice thing about quitting with chantix is that you don’t have to stop tobacco cold turkey once you start the medicine.

Once you start the medicine we recommend setting a quit date for about two weeks later. It takes chantix about that long to fully “build up” in your system.

Try to cut back more and more over that first two weeks leading up to your quit date. Many people find that once they’ve been on chantix for several days their desire to use tobacco goes down --but not everyone. We hope that’s the case for you, but if not, it’s a good idea to slowly cut back over those first two weeks to prepare you to completely stop the tobacco on your quit day.

If you smoke a pack a day try to cut back 1-2 cigarettes each day so that by the time the quit date rolls around, you’re smoking only a few cigarettes a day. And by all means, if you’re ready to fully stop before your quit date, go for it.

Lastly, you’ll likely need to stay on the chantix for about 3-6 months. We strongly encourage you to talk with your doctor before you stop chantix--if the cravings come back full force once you stop the medication, that’s a sign that you need to be on it longer.

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