Birth Control Prescriptions and Refills

Get a prescription for birth control after a quick online visit. We can help you start or refill any birth control pill, ring (NuvaRing), or patch - no insurance needed.

$5  |  Ages 18 - 50  |  Female

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Very impressed!

I have been in the medical/pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. I am very proud of the accomplishments...

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It works!!

I was skeptical at first, but the doctor was able to call in antibiotics in under an hour. The medicine...

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Worked so well and so easily!

Helped me in a pinch! It was a Sunday and we’ve got a hurricane headed our way on Wednesday so...

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How It Works

Quick Online Visit

Complete a simple visit on your phone or computer and get treated today. No insurance necessary.

Convenient Prescriptions

We can send prescriptions to any local pharmacy or by mail, if appropriate. We can also help you find your medicine at affordable prices.

Chat Anytime

Securely message our board certified doctors anytime.

Start Your Treatment Online

Our team of doctors will evaluate your case and provide personalized treatment options.

How To Get Birth Control Online

  1. Complete an online visit by answering a few simple health questions that take about 5 minutes.
  2. Get a prescription that works for you sent to the pharmacy of your choice
  3. Talk to our doctors and medical team anytime before or after your visit.

No Insurance Needed

You don't need insurance to use HeyDoctor and the visit fee you see is the full price. There are no hidden fees. You can still use your insurance to pay for the medicine.

Pick Up Your Birth Control Today at Your Local Pharmacy, or Get it By Mail

We can send your birth control prescription, if appropriate, to the local pharmacy you choose including any CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, or Walmart - or you can use a mail order pharmacy and have it delivered to your door.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind all the medical care and advice we provide. If you aren't happy with the service we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy.

We Prescribe All Popular Birth Control Pill, Patch, or Ring Methods

We can prescribe all major brands and generics such as Altavera, Alyacen 1-35, Alyacen 7-7-7, Amethia, Amethia Lo, Amethyst, Apri, Aranelle, Ashlyna (Combination, Seasonal), Aubra, Aviane, Azurette, Balziva, Beyaz, Blisovi 1-20 FE, Blisovi 1.5-30 FE, Blisovi 24 FE, Brevicon, Briellyn, Camila, Camrese, Camrese Lo, Caziant, Cesia, Chateal, Cryselle, Cyclafem 1-35, Cyclafem 7-7-7, Cyclessa, Dasetta 1-35, Dasetta 7-7-7, Daysee, Deblitane, Delyla, Desogen, Elinest, Emoquette, Enpresse, Enskyce, Errin, Estarylla, Estrostep Fe, Falmina, Femcon Fe, Generess Fe, Gianvi, Gildagia, Gildess 1-20, Gildess 1.5-30, Gildess 24 Fe, Gildess Fe 1-20, Gildess Fe 1.5-30, Heather, Introvale, Jencycla, Jolessa, Jolivette, Junel 1-20, Junel 1.5-30, Junel Fe 1-20, Junel Fe 1.5-30, Kariva, Kelnor 1-35, Kurvelo, Larin 1-20, Larin 1.5-30, Larin Fe 1-20, Larin Fe 1.5-30, Leena, Lessina, Levonest, Levora, Lo Loestrin Fe, Lo-Ovral, Loestrin 1-20, Loestrin 1.5-30, Loestrin Fe 1-20, Loestrin Fe 1.5-30, Lomedia 24 Fe, Loryna, LoSeasonique, Low-Ogestrel, Lutera, Lyza, Marlissa, Microgestin 1-20, Microgestin 1.5-30, Microgestin Fe 1-20, Microgestin Fe 1.5-30, Minastrin 24 Fe, Mircette, Modicon, Mono-Linyah, MonoNessa, Myzilra, Natazia, Necon 0.5-35, Necon 1-35, Necon 1-50, Necon 10-11, Necon 7-7-7 (Combination, Tri-Phasic), Nikki, Nor-QD, Nora-BE, Nordette, Norinyl 1-35, Norlyroc, Nortrel 0.5-35, Nortrel 1-35, Nortrel 7-7-7, Nuvaring, Ocella, Ogestrel, Orsythia, Ortho Cept, Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Micronor (Progestin Only), Ortho Novum 1-35, Ortho Novum 7-7-7, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, Ovcon-35, Philith, Pimtrea, Pirmella 1-35, Pirmella 7-7-7, Portia, Previfem, Quartette, Quasense, Reclipsen, Safyral, Seasonale, Seasonique, Sharobel, Solia, Sprintec, Sronyx, Syeda, Tarina FE, Tilia Fe, Tri-Estarylla, Tri-Legest Fe, Tri-Linyah, Tri-Lo-Sprintec, Tri-Norinyl, Tri-Previfem, Tri-Sprintec, Trinessa, Trivora, Velivet, Vestura, Viorele, Vyfemla, Wera 0.5-35, Wymzya Fe, Xulane (Patch), Yasmin, Yaz, Zarah, Zenchent, Zenchent Fe, Zeosa, Zovia 1-35E, and more!

What Kinds of Birth Control Can You Not Prescribe

Yes, since this isn't an in-person visit we can't offer you certain great options like long acting reversible contraception (LARC) including the intra-uterine device (IUD) or an implant. These are extremely effective birth control options but they require procedures to place - you can learn more about them at or your local Planned Parenthood. If you want to know more about this or other options we are happy to answer your questions and refer you to an in-person provider.

What Is Not Included

Since this isn't an in-person visit we can't conduct a full physical exam. Generally a full physical exam is not recommended or necessary for prescribing birth control and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the leading group of medical specialists in birth control, has recommended that these medicines be available over the counter.

However since we aren't examining you in person we want you to be aware of the risk that we won't find a risk or problem that an in-person doctor might. We also can't currently help you take care of all your primary health care needs including important screenings like the Papanicolaou (Pap) smear which screens for cervical cancer and dysplasia (abnormal growth), so it is important to ensure that you still see your in-person doctor and to let them know about any visits with HeyDoctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, visit our help center.

How much does it cost to use HeyDoctor?

It's free to sign up for a HeyDoctor account, and there's no membership fee. Each consultation or treatment that we offer costs a different amount, with most services costing around $25 or less. You can see the price for each treatment by visiting the Services page - the price will be listed next to each service.

We're working on accepting insurance for these visits, but we're not there yet. Of course you can still use your insurance at the pharmacy to help pay for any medications that we prescribe you, and our doctors will always work with you to find a prescription and a pharmacy that will be affordable. As always, every consult includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we will refund the cost of your visit if you aren't satisfied or if we are unable to offer a diagnosis/treatment! (Note: We aren't able to refund fees for any medicines you pick up at the pharmacy or lab tests you have performed because those are separate businesses and they have their own policies.)

If you don't have insurance and want to see how much your prescription will cost before completing your visit at HeyDoctor, GoodRx is a great resource. This website shows a price breakdown for different categories of drugs (ex. birth control, antibiotics, etc), compares prices across different pharmacies in your area (the price can actually vary quite a bit), and also has free printable coupons that can get you up to 80% off at the pharmacy.

For example, a search for "Birth Control" on GoodRx will take you to this list, where you can browse the different brands and see prices for each. Put in your zip code to the website to get results specific to your area and to see which pharmacy offers the lowest price.

What happens if I pay for a visit but then you aren't able to give me a diagnosis?
After you submit your information, our doctors will reach out to you via Secure Message Portal for any follow-up questions they might have. If you complete a visit and the doctors determine that you need in-person follow-up or are unable to give you a diagnosis, we will refund you 100% of your visit fee and offer you a suggestion for next steps.
How long will it take to get my prescription after I complete my visit?
Our office hours are:
  • Monday-Friday 9am-7pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

For all visits completed during office hours Monday-Friday, we can usually process and send out your prescription within 4 hours. Keep an eye on your messages in case the doctors have any follow-up questions. For visits made during office hours on the weekend, we will process and send out your prescription within 6 hours.

How will I know when my prescription has been sent?
The doctors at HeyDoctor will send you a message through the Secure Message Portal (the message channel you see when you log into your account and hit "Messages") when they've sent your prescription to the pharmacy or have any follow up questions for you. They will not email, text, or call you, so be sure you check back in the Secure Message Portal. The reason we send all communications there is because it is the most private and secure place for your personal information. If you download the app, you can turn on text, email, and push notifications to let you know when you have a new message in the Secure Message Portal.`,
How will HeyDoctor know if I need treatment?
Our doctors will ask you specific questions about your symptoms and use evidence-based guidelines to decide if it is appropriate to prescribe medicine, labs, or offer other treatment.

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